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Mount Larcom Climb

Mount Larcom, Mount Larcom QLD 4695
This is the stuff Australia is best known for - craggy mountain ranges, rocky outcrops, grass trees, eucalypts and paperbarks towering above, leafy litter on the ground and a well-worn hiking path leading to the top of somewhere special. If you search Facebook and get a page called "On Top of Mount Larcom" take a look - it's full of shots of people who have taken on the marvellous Mount Larcom and reaped the rewards and now you can too. This isn't a walk for the light hearted and you need to set out prepared but on a clear day rewards such as 360 degree views of the Gladstone area and reef islands to the east and Rockhampton to the North can be seen. Strap on those hiking boots and hear that distinctive 'crunch' as you trek your way to an exciting mountain summit which will make you feel like you're at the centre of Central Queensland's beating heart. ...