Alcheringa Holiday House - Accommodation Gold Coast Beechmont

Alcheringa Holiday House

accommodation | Beechmont QLD 4211

1000 Binna Burra , Beechmont QLD 4211

Accommodation Gold Coast welcomes Alcheringa Holiday House in Beechmont for all your holiday accommodation needs, save booking direct with your provider.

An exceptional holiday house at Binna Burra in Lamington National Park, Qld. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge living areas, three decks, all overlooking magnificent views of Numinbah and Coomera Valleys. Surrounded by World Heritage listed Lamington National Park with 147 km of walking tracks starting from your door. The park includes hundreds of waterfalls, subtropical rainforest, open eucalypt forest, heath country with wild flowers, 180 species of birds, lookouts, wind eroded caves and much more. Other nearby attractions include the Gold Coast, Springbrook National Parks and Tamborine with its art galleries, markets and coffee shops. You can cater for yourself or enjoy meals at Binna Burra lodge, 400 metres away or at the Lamington Teahouse at the main park entrance. The house is 90 minutes south of Brisbane or one hour from the Gold Coast Airport.
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