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Sticks & Stones

147 Andrew Fordyce Rd, Seaforth QLD 4741

Newry Island Circuit and Resort Trail

Newry Island National Park, Seaforth QLD 4741
Newry Island Circuit and Resort Trail is located within the Newry Islands National Park. Newry Islands National Park lies within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, an area of outstanding natural beauty and irreplaceable value to all the people of the world. Pearl-coloured beaches, exposed rocky headlands, open woodlands and dense rainforest, all surrounded by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef-Newry Islands National Park is truly world class World Heritage. Wander through open eucalypt forest and dry rainforest as the 2.8 kilometre return Island Circuit track loops across Newry Island. Lookouts along the way offer spectacular views of nearby islands and the mainland. Allow 1.5 hours to complete this walk of a moderate grade. Newry Island was once home to one of the earliest resorts in the greater Whitsunday area. The 300 metre one way trail travels through the resort remains on a self-guided walk drifting back to a bygone era. Allow 40 minutes to complete this easy walk....